RF Element StarterAdapter SMA | STA-SMA

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  • StarterAdapterTM SMA connects to StarterDishTM antennas and provides female RP-SMA connectors – standard coaxial interface for any 3rd party radios.
  • STA-SMA has dual linear H+V polarization.
  • STA-SMA covers a wide spectrum of 5150 – 5950 MHz with VSWR well below 1.8 throughout the whole bandwidth.
  • STA-SMA is a waveguide-based adapter. Since waveguide has near-zero loss, the adapter introduces practically zero attenuation in the waveguide part. The transition from coaxial connectors to waveguide feeder is optimized for minimum loss as well.
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Waveguide Adapter with two RP-SMA Female Connectors


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