Hikvision Walk Through Metal Detector – ISD-SMG1118L

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  • ★ Networking function: It can be networked on a single machine, and parameters can be configured through the web terminal
  • ★ Metal detection: 1 yuan coin-sized metal can be detected, effectively verifying illegal items
  • ★ Ultra-low detection height: metal objects more than 3cm above the ground can alarm when they enter the detection area
  • ★ Power-on self-diagnosis function: self-test the system when power on, and display the test results
  • ★ 7-inch color LCD display, which can display information such as menu, number of people passing through and metal alarmed number
  • ★ Multi-zone alarm function: multiple metals in different positions of the human body will alarm at the same time when passing through the gate, and can indicate the positions of multiple metals, supporting up to 18 zones
  • ★ Modular component design: convenient transportation and maintenance
  • ★ With flying object alarm function: metal objects thrown from the middle of the door will be accurate alarm

Hikvision Walk Through Metal Detector – ISD-SMG1118L


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