Hikvision Barrier gates with Straight Boom Pole – DS‐TMG520

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  • DC frequency conversion. The rising and falling speeds can be adjusted independently. The boom pole can rise in high speed to let the vehicle pass quickly.
  • The boom pole can fall in low speed to avoid hitting vehicle and pedestrian.
  • High protection level. The chassis is produced with 2 mm cold rolled steel sheets in numerically-controlled precision. The surface is coated with plastic powder which is anti-UV, antistatic, non-peeling, and non-fading. The dustproof and waterproof level conforms to IP54.
  • Multiple control modes. Rising priority. The boom pole can be controlled via relay, remote controller, and software command.
  • Multiple anti-hitting modes via induction, IR, pressure wave, etc.
  • The boom pole direction is adjustable from left to right, or from right to left.
  • Anti-condensation. The electric motor is in low consumption even when the barrier gate is not in working status, which will keep the motor in normal temperature. So even in cold weather, the lube will not be frozen to guarantee the normal running of barrier gate.
  • Auto lock. Even when the power is cut off, you can use tool to keep the barrier gate working.
  • Embedded with vehicle detector which can cooperate with the coils to trigger the boom pole to rise when a vehicle is passing and avoid hitting the vehicle.

Hikvision 5 Series Straight‐Arm 4M DC Frequency‐Conversion Barrier Gate Digital barrier gate DC frequency conversion – DS-TMG520-M(4m)(O-STD)


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